This is a place for connecting your joy and mine; a place where our journeys intersect and we can find what resonates between us.  I am a writer, currently working on my first two books; a memoir and a journal about my life and travels during a decade of time spent living in Asia and Australia.  During this time my marriage, family and life were altered drastically in the aftermath of the ripple affect of my faith collaspse  This is a landing page for my thoughts in the mean time.

Natalie Que

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I work daily on my two books, one is at 86K words and counting.  I will begin actively seeking a literary agent in 2016
Mother, Traveler, Divorcee

Stories of adventure and intrigue from around the world

I have been blogging at Hot off the Garlic Press for nearly 9 years!  I've taken my passion for the craft of writing and expanded to this site 
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